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6 juin

Star=Florence Pugh
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Ari Aster
Release year=2019
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I just saw the Director’s Cut and it was INCREDIBLE! It disturbed and delighted in equal measure. The emotional payoff was darker and more deeply felt than the original theatrical release. I felt that the beginning of the film was definitely tied to the entire film. From the references to her parents arguing over materialistic possessions representing our capitalistic dog-eat-dog society, to how the way American society treats our elderly (which might have something to do with why the sister took the parents along with her) Florence Pugh’s character had to bear all of those things without a family, as her boyfriend is no family. All I’m saying is the first twenty minutes are imperative to the film’s emotional payoff. NO ONE can understand her grief. But these people can share her grief. I strongly recommend seeing the Director’s Cut, because it illuminates the aspects of the film I think could be easily overlooked upon initial viewing. This, sir, is an A plus film. Skoal.

The best visual representation of a trip (going in and out of. The absolute subtlety of the visuals was astounding.

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When i first heard about this movie and saw the trailer i was so confused.
A movie on how to elaborately steal a guy’s girlfriend.
I liked it, it was different and interesting. Could have easily cut 20 mins from it though.
After walking out of a late night screening of this movie I felt something I had not felt from a film in a long time, genuinely disturbed. Ari Aster’s work in this film is simply stunning. From the beginning you are hit over the head with a gut punch, and the film isn’t quick to relent. The themes in this movie are heavy: suicide, grief, bad relationships, and violence. Where Midsommar excels is in its ability to draw you into its world. The commune community in Sweden is so well portrayed and executed you begin to understand its language. Like the protagonist Dani, by the end of the film you « feel like you can speak Swedish » in that the symbolism of the commune all lines up nicely.
This is a ethereal film in every sense. Cameras shake and pan in unusual ways. Transitions are creative but not repetitive. The violence and sex in the film is both shocking and uncensored. The result is a movie that clearly has a vision and purpose and hits the ideas its trying to convey effectively.
The cinematography and production design are Oscar worthy. Truly the world created here is so believable and well done that alone is worth the price of admission.
Why this movie is a 9 instead of a 10 for me is that I felt it was a touch too long and could have cut a character or two. Some of the auxiliary doesn’t serve that much of a purpose in the greater story of the film.
That being said, I highly recommend this film to anyone who enjoys psychological thrillers, horror, drama, and character drama. It is a reminder that the human spirit is weird, disturbing at times, and tragically chaotic. Nature is naturally violent, and as is said in the film « nature is effortlessly in balance » and human beings are part of that balance.

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I saw that guys warped smile, that was perfectly subtle, this reminds me of bad mushroom trips I’ve had with others around.
Also, Pelle says that both his parents died in a fire where the whole building was burned down. just like Christian in the Bear and the other corpses and two people. aaaa.

Fun fact: Midsommar is an actual festival that represents fertility (and isnt a crazy festival where people die, at least no one has in hundreds of years) and most Swedish babies are conceived during said festival. In reality its rather positive and not as scary as the movie makes it.
I think the restaurant scene was what one cult called flirty fishing. I wasn’t aware of the issue regarding children competing for the affection of the leader; that was very helpful.
Hahaha, the acting in that Wicker Man scene was so terrible.


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I swear, I have only seen it once, but I am positive when they arrive to the town the elder says “welcome” to everyone and to Dani he says “welcome home!”.
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I feel like anyone who’s never had a panic attack, anxiety disorders and has never dealt with abandonment issues would hate the film and think it’s pretentious. The film is about mental illness and how it is still a stigma today for labeling the people that has them a burden to the people they are living with. Sad but true. Its even sadder that most ppl never gets this. Florence Pugh acting was superb and I was totally captivated with her throughout the movie. I cried on the scene where she had her final panic attack and a couple of swedish maidens were mimicking her screams. She had a breakdown not because of witnessing Christian’s infidelity, sure that was the first trigger but it was also her realizing the shit she had to put thru with him and his very obvious disconnect with her all throughout their relationship esp. when it comes to providing her the empathy she needs. With this, she has become vulnerable to the cult’s ways and the support they can provide her, as fucked up as it is she felt more at home with them rather than the real world. The point of the film isnt to critique the cult, or culture of the Swedish Pagans, but to use them as a foil for looking at our own. Unfortunately, Chris Stuckman didn’t understand this.

The funny thing is that it wasnt even filmed in Sweden.
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This movie did NOTHNG to promote tourism.
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Whenever i hear people talking about being terrified while watching a movie or having panic attacks/getting sick, ive always thought they were lying. but now i get it. this movie made my whole body feel tense as if i was gonna have a panic attack. absolutely terrified me and i am not the type to get scared by movies like that. this director definitely knows how to make a movie disturbing.
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Okay, the best scene in this movie is when Christian asked the old guy whats going on, and the old guy just clapped in his face, and Christian started to cry. Lmao.
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Another theme in Ari Aster’s movies is deformation.
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